Your teeth erode over time. Small bacteria inside your mouth consume the same food you do and leave behind plaque. This acidic substance then damages your teeth. Without constant care, plaque can erode your teeth enough to create cavities.

And that's where we come in. Our dentists remove the cavity and replace it with our tooth colored fillings, or whichever filling material is ideal for your specific needs, in Las Vegas, NV.

What Can You Expect?

After you schedule an appointment and come to our office, we prepare your tooth for the filling procedure. We carefully clean your tooth to ready it for cavity removal. We then provide local anesthesia so you won't feel any pain when we remove the cavity and apply the filling.

Once the anesthesia settles, our dentists use cutting-edge dental drills to remove the infected pieces of tooth. After our dentist removes the cavity, he or she then applies the filling. You can choose different types of fillings such as gold, silver, ceramic, acrylic, and non-visible.

We also offer special tooth colored fillings for Las Vegas, NV patients. Our dentists use this type of filling to seal any visible cavities. Tooth colored fillings resemble modeling clay, so we can adjust them to fit any tooth color and to avoid any additional tooth damage.

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