Tooth Extractions

Your dentist attempts to restore all teeth, but sometimes that is not possible. If your dentist needs to pull one of your teeth, the experience may seem unpleasant. However as uncomfortable as the procedure appears, you may receive extensive benefits. We extract teeth to repair tooth damage, reduce crowding, to stop infection, and to ease the strain on your teeth and jaw. Our tooth extractions to Las Vegas, NV residents who require our services.

When is Tooth Extraction Necessary?

We usually extract teeth for one of three reasons:

  • Damaged/broken teeth: We use fillings to fix damaged or broken teeth. Sometimes the damage extends into the root and we must remove the tooth completely. 
  • Crowded teeth: If you have crowded teeth, then you need one or more teeth pulled. A crowded jaw can push your teeth out of alignment and cause serious pain or other tooth damage.
  • Infection: As hard as you try to maintain good oral health, you may have infected teeth or gums. As a result, dentists will extract the tooth to reduce your risk for further infection or dental issues.

If you need tooth extractions in Las Vegas, NV for another reason, give us a call. While the above reasons typify the most common problems, we can extract a tooth whenever necessary.
Learn more about the procedure below so that you can focus on the advantages of tooth extraction.

What is Our Process?

A simple extraction requires little work. Our dentists loosen a visible tooth with a tool called the elevator. Then he or she simply extracts the tooth with forceps. After the procedure, we provide you with the necessary antibiotics, pain killers, and gauze you need to recover.

How Can You Contact Us?

Our staff uses the latest in dental technology to ensure that your tooth extraction in our Las Vegas, NV office goes as smoothly as possible. Reap the benefits of tooth extraction and schedule an appointment with Hurst Family Dental today. Simply call us at 702-897-1120.