Come to Hurst Family Dental for Crowns and Bridges in Las Vegas, NV

Dental damage may happen over time as teeth yellow or enamel wears down. But it may also happen in a moment, when a tooth cracks or even falls out entirely. Whether you’ve dealt with damaged teeth for a while or just unexpectedly lost one, come to Hurst Family Dental.

We provide expertly fitted dental prosthetics, including dental crowns and dental bridges from our Las Vegas, NV location.

Both crowns and bridges attach to your existing teeth via oral cement. These devices restore normal speech and chewing by correcting cracks, missing teeth, and other serious dental concerns.


Crowns represent one of the most versatile corrective options. Because a crown essentially consists of a cap fitted over a tooth, they have a number of uses, including the following:

  • Correcting the alignment of a single tooth
  • Creating an ideal surface for bridge attachment
  • Disguising discoloration
  • Preventing or correcting cracks
  • Strengthening an older filling

Crowns come in natural-looking porcelain, as well as strong metal alloys and durable acrylic or ceramic.


Bridges generally replace missing natural teeth. These permanent fixtures keep the remaining natural teeth from shifting over time and creating a painful or unattractive bite.

Dentists attach bridges to anchor teeth on either side of the gap. The bridge consists of artificial teeth which allow normal chewing and speaking. As with crowns, bridges come in several materials. For larger gaps, most patients choose porcelain or ceramic bridges as these materials match the color and texture of natural teeth.

Your Trusted Dental Experts

Don’t live with gaps or chips in your smile. Talk to one of our dental professionals about whether you qualify for dental bridges or dental crowns. Our Las Vegas, NV location welcomes new and return patients alike. Call to schedule your next appointment at 702-897-1120.