Restore Your Smile Through Teeth Whitening in Our Las Vegas, NV Office

Do you hesitate to smile because you know your teeth don’t look as brilliantly white as they once did? Come to Hurst Family Dental for personalized teeth whitening in Las Vegas, NV.

We primarily use the Zoom! Professional Whitening System for color restoration and correction. The Zoom! System treats discoloration from numerous causes, including food and beverage stains, aging, and smoking.

What to Expect

Before we schedule your treatment, one of our qualified dental professionals will evaluate your teeth's health and strength. We do this to ensure we can offer you the most effective whitening experience with as little discomfort or sensitivity as possible.

After your evaluation, we’ll set up your whitening appointment. The Zoom! treatment takes about two hours with preparation and bleach process. However, based on your evaluation, we may first perform a thorough teeth cleaning.

The Zoom! process incorporates the following steps:

  1. Soft tissue protection. Before the procedure begins, we cover your lips and gums with a protective barrier to prevent any irritation.
  2. A trained staff member then applies specialized hydrogen peroxide gel to the surface of your teeth. The Zoom! System uses 25% hydrogen peroxide-based whitener.
  3. Once the gel is in place, our staff will expose it to an activating light. This LED bleaching light speeds up the chemical process wherein the hydrogen peroxide penetrates stains and breaks them apart. The gel stays on your teeth for 15 minutes. For most patients, we repeat this process four times during a session, adding up to a total of 60 minutes.
  4. Sensitivity prevention.For some people, the whitening process results in sensitivity to hot, cold, or sugary substances. To safeguard against this discomfort, we finish the process with application of a fluoride paste.

How to Begin

Don’t let your teeth's color drain your confidence or enthusiasm for life. Talk to us about the Zoom! System during your next appointment. Or schedule a consultation on teeth whitening at our Las Vegas, NV location today.